Who are we ?

Who are we ?

With alcohol-free, drink differently!

Zero percent wine it is an e-commerce site that brings together wine producers alcohol-free , beers alcohol-free and mocktails.

The drink trend non-alcoholic is constantly increasing. These drinks are aimed directly at pregnant women, seniors, children, people who abstain for reasons of health or religious belief.

Zero percent wine responds to a basic consumer demand, healthy trend, awareness of health and diet issues and awareness campaign against the dangers of alcohol. For your aperitifs with friends or family, evenings non-alcoholic , weddings and other events, discover the perfect alternative to alcoholic drinks, offering fewer calories, taste, pleasure and well-being without compromise.

Wine 0% accompanies you with drinks alcohol-free , white but also roses alcohol-free and reds very aromatic alcohol-free with different grape varieties. The range is also completed with light bubbles full of effervescence , all alcohol-free for unlimited pleasure. Its ranges of mocktails and alcohol-free spirits with tasty and refined tastes will satisfy the most demanding palates, concerned about their health.

A special process protects the flavors and eliminates alcohol, its peculiarity: they all contain 0.0% alcohol by volume: “Thanks to the special dealcoholization process, the aromas are preserved, while the products are completely dealcoholized and ‘therefore have no residual alcohol. ”

0% wine, drink differently!