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Looking for an exceptional alcohol-free wine? Discover Le petit beret wines.

Born of an ambition: to open the most famous vineyards to all consumers through a 100% natural, alcohol-free, organically grown drink.

Their unique manufacturing process, developed after 5 years of research, does not involve any de-alcoholization or fermentation, thus guaranteeing no trace of alcohol and no ingredient of animal origin for Vegan-Friendly wines.

Le Petit Béret wines offer low-sugar and low-calories suitable for all diets, diabetics, and athletes for fruity moments without added sugar (except for sweet products). A glass of Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay or even Rosé contains less than 3g of sugar.

The blends made by Dominique Laporte, a world reference in enology, will offer you a unique gustatory and conscious experience that will accompany all your moments of conviviality.

Dominique Laporte was France’s best sommelier in 2004. Before joining Le Petit Béret adventure, he was a sommelier in luxury hotels such as the Meurice Hotel in Paris, the Connaught, and the Great Eastern Hotel in London with Gordon Ramsay.

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